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As it happens, I have been encouraged to create a subscription-style channel to offer content behind a private membership platform that is private, new, and exclusive. Here I will be able to answer detailed questions from members, upload exclusive content for download and provide broader views of many topics.

I also expect to report additional inside information about my Supreme Court Case (in Conference on 7 October, where I will know whether it has been accepted on the 10th) and provide the latest developments regarding Sandy Hook and other research that I have not shared elsewhere.

I also anticipate providing exclusive interviews with special guests and also to address topics suggested by members. And I plan to offer specific classes on numerous subjects that can help enhance your understanding of the chaotic and corrupt world in which we now live.

Many, if not most, of the things we have been told and taught by trusted sources such as high schools and colleges, not to mention the media, are, in fact, untrue. This is especially the case for recent historical events. So I will be "reconsidering" many of them to afford a new look at what really happened.

Please consider becoming a member and supporting my various platforms funded and maintained entirely by third parties who want to keep my words and thoughts part of the Internet body of free speech. I am going to do my best to share the benefits of my collaborative research with you.


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